The success of this movie in its country has been quite high, thanks to the story and to the soundtrack, which includes songs that helped the viewer to immerse himself into the movie and into the atmosphere.

The main song of the soundtrack is “The Rose of Allendale”, typical irish folk song, performed by Anne Jennings-Tauciene, composed and arranged by Andrius Mamontovas, mixed and mastered by Arturas Pugaciauskas. Song is full of greetings, maybe one of the best to dedicate to a loved person. In our opinion one of the best part says “may there come across the waters / a path of yellow moonlight / to bring you safely home.”

Other songs of the same soundtrack are “Drumming”, “Pad Remixed”, “Irish Waterfalls” and “Christmas 2007”. All those songs have been performed by Andrius Mamontovas, a Lithuanian rock musician and songwriter, who was born in Vilnius in 1967.

Soundtracks have always been important in movies and most of the time they can make the difference between a good and a bad movie. Some of the soundtrack ever is “The Bear and the Maiden Fair”, part of “Game of Throne” soundtrack, which you can hear on Rockol, one of the best websites out there about music in all its facets.