Screenplay and storyline


Loss or Nereikalingi Zmones (“Unnecessary People”) possess a convoluted plot that makes it difficult to fully summarize. There are six main characters, the Priest, Valda, Paul, Nora, Ben, and Laima. These characters are ultimately connected by actions of the Priest that occurred over twenty years prior that has been labeled “a dark secret” and “a tragic accident”.


The story unfolds with the Priest meeting Valda in Dublin, Ireland where she has relocated with the hopes of earning enough funds to save the child that she believes is her son, Paul, from the orphanage she was forced to leave him in. The actual connections are frayed and unclear, and some official summaries hint that Valda might have mental issues and not be Paul’s mother at all. Additionally, it is hinted that Paul’s father might be Ben. In the very least Valda has been one of Ben’s lovers in the past although left without means or resources to support herself or the boy she thinks is her child.


Back in Vilnius, Lithuania, Paul has been adopted by Ben’s estranged wife, Nora, who was left childless and maimed from an automobile accident some years before that might have been caused by her husband’s carelessness. It is his story unfolding that supports Valda as his mother, as it hints that the boy’s birth mother is in fact in Dublin.


Ben, who has been suffering with alcohol addiction has taken on Laima as both lover and business partner. Laima uses sex as a way to enrich her own social standing, regardless of the personal cost or how she is perceived by those who used to call her friend. The situation that Ben finds himself in with Laima quickly resolves into one where he has given up the majority of power in his company and only too late does he realize that the two women, Nora and Laima, hold all the cards. Laima’s loneliness at her new found position inspires her to contest the adoption of Paul and control of the company with Nora


In Ireland, the Priest learns that Valda’s mysterious and troubled past is related to his previous actions two decades prior when she confronts him about a broken pledge that has ripped her family apart, and in a fit of guilt he finally confesses to her what he has done. It is this action that links the six players in the film.