The Cast – Main Actors

The cast of Loss is largely unknown to those outside their native country with a few notable exceptions. Many of them have been and continue to be active in their national entrainment fields, but alas, much information is still rather scanty at best on a lot of them.


Valda Bickute played the character “Valda” in Loss, coming into the film with one other role under her belt, that of Anastasia from the self titled 2006 TV movie produced by the same director. Since Loss, this actress has played Lina in The Collectress (Kolekcioniere), 2008, and the role of a Polish woman who is simply called “New Mother” in the TV movie The Courageous Heart of Irena Sendler, 2009.


The role of Nora was filled by Dalia Micheleviciute (Dalia Michelevicute). This actress was born April 17, 1967. She joined the cast of Loss after filling roles in Defiance, Anastasia, The Keeper of Time, Nuomos sutartis, The Hit, Kiemas, The New Asventures of Robin Hood, and Strazdas-zalias paukstis. Dalia Micheleviciute’s career as an actress goes back to 1990.


Laima was played by Daiva Tamosiunaite-Budre. She is a popular TV star in her native country of Lithuania. She is one of many stars of Loss who maintains a Facebook page.


Gelmis Naujikas filled the role of the young lad, Paul. All that is known about this blond haired young man is that he was born in Lithuania.


The actor who stepped into the role of Ben, Kostas Smoriginas (not to be confused with the tenor of the same name), has been active as an actor since 1979 (The Devil’s Seed). Born on April 22, 1953, Kostas has played a wide range of roles in such shows as Whisper of Sin, Anastasia, Fabrika grez, The Keeper of Time, Tyomnaya noch, Summer in Ivye, Elze’s Life, Hit by Lightning, and many more. Since Loss the actor has played Colline in La Boheme (The Royal Opera).


Andrius Mamontovas played the Priest in Loss. He is perhaps far better known as a musician, and is very famous in the Baltic States for his long career in the music field where he has won every major award possible. He composed the score for the movie and went on to play Paul in Hong Kong Confidential. Before acting in Loss he carried the title role of Hamlet as directed by Eimuntas Nekrosius as well as numerous videos and small scale films.